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Gereral tasks

article How can I create a plain text file for .htaccess?
You can use any text editor (e.g. Notepad) to...

(No rating)  5-29-2008    Views: 4552   
article How do I block certain IPs from accessing my site or directory?
All you have to do is create an .htaccess...

(No rating)  5-29-2008    Views: 2997   
article How do I block people coming from a certain website or URL from visiting my site or directory?
It's actually very similar to blocking...

(No rating)  5-29-2008    Views: 4068   
article How can I change the default index page?
When a visitor accesses your website, the...

(No rating)  5-29-2008    Views: 3084   
article How can I see the website access stats?
Login control panel at...

(No rating)  5-28-2008    Views: 2999   
article How to backup my website files using Confixx?
Login the control panel at...

(No rating)  5-30-2008    Views: 3488   
article How to forward domain.com to www.domain.com using .htaccess
To forward domain.com to www.domain.com, the...

(No rating)  6-5-2013    Views: 2818   
article How to password protect a directory?
Login the control panel at...

(No rating)  5-30-2008    Views: 3026   
article How to prevent image hot linking?
"Hot linking" is when somebody...

(No rating)  5-29-2008    Views: 2701   
article How to setup url redirect using .htaccess?
Using Redirect in an .htaccess file will...

(No rating)  5-29-2008    Views: 3247   

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