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Pre-Sales questions

article Can I host multiple domain names?
Yes, most of the hosting plans allow you host...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3904   
article Can I pay the hosting fee by wire transfer?
Yes, here is the bank account...

(No rating)  6-5-2008    Views: 4318   
article Can I register a domain name without purchasing a Web hosting account?

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3690   
article Can I run an IRC server on my account?
Sorry, no.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3811   
article Can I upgrade at a later time?
Sure, you'll get a prorated refund of your...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3651   
article Can I use Chinese to communicate with Tigahost?
Yes, we speak and write Chinese as well as...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3783   
article Can I use Tigahost's hosting for forum?
Yes, you can. Some of our customers are...

(No rating)  5-28-2008    Views: 4195   
article Do my data files secure in a "shared hosting server"?
YES. Physically all...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 4042   
article Do you accept monthly payment?
We accept annual payment for shared hosting and...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3714   
article Do you allow adult/porn content?

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 3835   
article Do you allow the creation of cron jobs?
Yes, you can set it via our control panel.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3302   
article Do you allow the uploading of legal mp3s?
Yes, legal only.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3045   
article Do you have a test website so I can see how fast it loads?
Please visit the "client highlight"...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3672   
article Do you have PHP5?
Yes, we provide different PHP versions (5.3 -...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 4796   
article Do you maintain backups of virtually hosted sites?
Yes, the servers automatically backup all...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 3109   
article Do you offer 24/7 technical support?
Yes, via email and website contact form.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3624   
article Do you offer a free trial period?
Please click here to contact us for details.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3557   
article Do you offer any discounts for non-profits?
Yes, please click here to contact us for...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3495   
article Do you offer custom packages?
Yes, please click here to contact us.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3549   
article Do you offer JSP or Cold Fusion hosting?
Sorry, no.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3796   
article Do you offer sub-domains?
Yes. Customers can use alternative URLs such...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 3695   
article Do you offer technical support over the phone?
Sorry, no. We prefer via email and online chat.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3647   
article Do you offer website design service?
We don't provide website design service but...

(No rating)  5-26-2008    Views: 3824   
article Do you provide SSH access?
We provide SSH access for cloud servers but not...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3714   
article Do you support ASP and .NET services?
Yes, we provide Windows hosting which...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3752   
article How big is my email mailbox?
You can change the limit at the...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 5246   
article How do I order your service?
Ordering service from Tigahost is simple, and...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 3966   
article How do I see if the domain name I want is available?
You can check the domain availability at...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3630   
article How long has your company been open?
We provide hosting service since 2002.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3450   
article How much does a domain name cost?
.com, .net or.org HK$160/year...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 3888   
article What currency are your fees in?
HKD as well as USD.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 2854   
article What do you consider excessive amounts of resources?
The server services (mostly HTTP, MySQL) down...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 2833   
article What domain registrar does Tigahost™ use for domain name registration?
Namecheap, eNom, Godaddy and HKDNR

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 4150   
article What is "30 Day-Money back guarantee"?
The 30 day money-back shall apply to the...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 7037   
article What is hosting control panel?
We use Plesk, DirectAdmin and Confixx control...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 4004   
article What is your typical support response time?
Typically most of the questions are answered in...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 4107   
article What languages do you offer in the control panel?
At this moment, English only.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3679   
article What operating system do your servers run?
CentOS linux or Windows Server 2008.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3789   
article What payment methods do you accept?
Direct bank transfer, cheque (HK dollars only),...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3714   
article What PHP version do you have installed?
Our servers were installed PHP 5.3 to 7.0...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3523   
article When will my service be ready to use?
Usually within 24hrs after you submitted the...

(No rating)  5-21-2008    Views: 3812   
article Where are your servers located?
All our servers are in Hong Kong.

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3666   
article Will your company be around for a long time?
We've been in this business since 2002. We...

(No rating)  5-22-2008    Views: 3854   

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